Chief Justice Joe R. Greenhill, 1914-2011

By February 11, 2011March 8th, 2019Announcements, News & Politics

The Texas Supreme Court has announced the passing of former Chief Justice Joe R. Greenhill (pictured) at age 96.  I suggest taking the time to read the Court’s advisory, which briefly traces Judge Greenhill’s remarkable legal career.

Although Judge Greenhill had been off the bench many years by the time I clerked at the Supreme Court, he actively practiced law and often attended the annual breakfast gathering of current and former justices, law clerks, and staff.  More than once, as we went around and (re)introduced ourselves, Judge Greenhill quipped that he started his legal career "shortly after the Earth cooled."  He was a kind man with a self-deprecating sense of humor, and lawyers of all kinds regarded him highly.  May Texas legal history treat him well.