Confessions of a Litigation-Support Lawyer

By August 8, 2016March 8th, 2019Litigation Support


I have a confession to make: I’m doing a lot of litigation-support work these days. And I like it.

In one context, the phrase “litigation support”—like “contract lawyer“—can have an almost-negative connotation. It might imply document review, presentation assistance, or other services that are not high revenue generators or don’t require a law license at all.

The phScreenshot 2016-08-07 16.21.24rase has a far different meaning to appellate practitioners. I explain this second context in the short guide, Five Ways an Appellate Lawyer Can Make Your Trial Team Better, which is available for free through the link.

Some very capable folks I know use the phrase “freelance lawyer” to distinguish themselves from what we sometimes think of as contract lawyers. “Litigation support” accurately describes some things appellate lawyers do when they aren’t reviewing voluminous appellate records and filing appellate briefs. Until I think of something better to call it, I’ll just have to defy one perception of the label.

Image courtesy of Flickr by Mon Œil.