Ethical Lapses in Motions for Rehearing

By September 18, 2011February 10th, 2020Motions, Rehearing

Here is the second video from the “ethics intervention” presentation at the Advanced Appellate Seminar recently put on by the State Bar Appellate Section and TexasBarCLE,  Houston appellate lawyer David Holman once again demonstrates some things counsel should not do, this time in the context of preparing and filing a motion for rehearing in the court of appeals.  Russell Hollenbeck plays Holman’s client.

The quotes from real-life motions for rehearing are priceless.  They bring back memories of the famous motion for rehearing in which a lawyer labeled the Texas Supreme Court one of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and called the justices “nine nutty professors.”  The lesson?  Writing a “catharsis motion” might make you feel better, but filing one is usually a mistake.