How Dependent on Instant Online Data Access Are We?

Try accessing any number of court-related websites right now, and you may be diverted to the following landing page:

Screenshot 2017-06-29 17.31.01
A Tuesday evening power outage took down Office of Court Administration servers, and OCA has had difficulty bringing them back up. Meanwhile, scores of lawyers across the state went into panic as they were unable to instantly access online dockets, CaseMail, or the Attorney Portal. (Are we getting spoiled or what?)

Never fear. The sites are reloading just in time for the Texas Supreme Court’s Friday orders. Just in case, OCA has set up a backup site at the usual address, Expect a long set of orders and several decisions tomorrow as the Court looks to continue its streak of disposing of all granted cases before breaking (soft of) for the summer.

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  • AndjelahBurek says:

    I haven’t been able to get back on at all (as of Friday afternoon); however, I was briefly able to login to my and my bossette’s case mail and alarmingly, most of the bookmarked or saved cases weren’t there. For example, normally, I have six screen loads of saved cases. Now I only have two. I am hopeful they are just in the process of rebuilding whatever data is lost.