LXBN Feature Highlights Texas Appellate Law Blog

By October 3, 2016 March 8th, 2019 Announcements, Blogs & Blogging

I’m pleased to pass along the news that this blog was featured in the most recent installment of LexBlog Leaders, an LXBN series focusing on successful LexBlog Network blogs.

Screenshot 2016-10-01 10.22.45Among other topics, the interview covers my take on blogging success and how this site has evolved since its launch almost ten years ago. Anyone interested is welcome to check the story out: LexBlog Leaders: D. Todd Smith Has Always Seen the Value of His Blog.

I tend to be an early adopter, and having started the first blog on Texas appellate practice is a point of pride for me. I’m even prouder that the blog is still going and that the voices here are no longer just my own. To everyone who reads and supports what we do, I say thank you. I look forward to continuing this venture and seeing where it goes from here.