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Eleven years ago today, I started the practice that became Smith Law Group LLLP. One year later, on the first anniversary of what was then a solo shop, I posted these words:

One year ago today, I departed big firm life to start my own appellate boutique—if you can call one lawyer a boutique! The result has exceeded my expectations in almost every way. While I am grateful for the opportunities I had at Fulbright & Jaworski and the excellent experience I obtained there, my current practice is a much better fit for my personality and work style, and it is also better for my family (although my wife would say that I don’t work any less). Special thanks to all the folks who have referred cases to me or hired me over the past year. Without you, I wouldn’t be posting this message.

Like most firms, we’ve gone through significant changes over the intervening decade. Appellate practice has changed a lot too, generally for the better. Electronic filing, e-service, CaseMail, and the new Attorney Portal have helped us take our practice digital. With my MacBook, iPad, Westlaw subscription, and a good internet connection, I can do my job from anywhere, making our big state seem a lot smaller.

As I write this now, in 2017, I’m more excited than ever about where we are as a firm, where we’re headed, and our ability to help litigators and in-house counsel solve their appellate problems—preferably before they arise.

Welcome Jeff Nobles!

Here’s one reason for my optimism: This week, respected appellate advocate Jeff Nobles joined us as a partner. Jeff is opening our firm’s new Houston office, expanding our coverage into a market we’ve had our eye on for years. Among other contributions, expect Jeff to share the insight and wisdom he has gained over thirty years of practice here on the blog.

As SLG enters its twelfth year, it seems appropriate to highlight Jeff’s arrival among the many good things we have going on. There’s more to come.

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