More on iPads and Appellate Arguments

By January 3, 2017March 8th, 2019Appellate Practice, Oral Argument, Technology

Happy New Year!

After seeing my recent post on how I’m using my iPad Pro for appellate arguments, the good folks at the Texas Bar Journal asked if I’d like to publish a version of it in print. That version appears in the just-released January issue, an electronic copy of which is available here.

I’ve since received several messages from lawyers offering up how they use iPads and Mindmaps for argument. I’m encouraged to see others embracing technology in their preparation and presentation strategies. It’s affirming to hear that I’m not alone when I look at an old challenge a new way and try to change the way I do things for the better.

Readers may be interested to learn that Readdle, the company that developed PDF Expert for the iPad, recently released a new Mac version as well. I recently began testing PDF Expert 2 for Mac as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat and am very impressed so far. The killer feature is Readdle Transfer, which allows me to open a PDF on the Mac and the iPad simultaneously and sync edits made on either device instantly and without any conflicts that would require creating multiple versions of the document. When Readdle adds OCR capability and Bates numbering, the Mac version should give the considerably-more-expensive Adobe Acrobat software suite a run for its money among Mac-based law firms.