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Over at MyShingle.com, Carolyn Elefant has posted on some of the things she does to prepare for oral argument and has solicited others’ stories.  Here is what I told her:

I don’t have what I would consider to be rituals or superstitions. It’s more of a process.

I generally go back and read all the briefs and important cases, then check to see if any new on-point decisions have come out since the briefs were filed.  I’ll then outline my argument, paying particular attention to the weak points in my case and questions I think I’m likely to get from the bench.  Finally, I boil my outline down to a one-page flowchart listing the most important or hard-to-remember points and case names.

I put whatever I think is important in a 1" black binder that I take to the podium with me, but I don’t usually look at it much. I try to be as conversational as I can.

Do you have an oral argument ritual?  If so, please feel free to share it by commenting here or to Carolyn’s original post.

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  • Donna Bader says:

    I do much the same but as I practice my presentation, my outline gets shorter and shorter until it consists only of key words, I also try to avoid practicing the day before and usually get a massage to keep loose. Maybe even a brain-dead fun movie and a good workout session. The day of oral argument, I wear my favorite suit, and yes, even underwear. I make sure I have pieces of my best supporters – a piece of jewelry from my boyfriend and grandmother. And yes, a few dog hairs, so that when I go up to the lectern, I feel the full support of my family. As I am waiting to be called, I think of the cute face of my dog, who really doesn’t care how well I do at oral argument. Thinking of him calms me. Menthol cough drops help with a dry mouth. (Don’t want to drink too many liquids!)

    Donna Bader