As I’ve written here before, I’m a fan of legal podcasts. I think I’d enjoy hosting one of my own if I could ever get started, but I’m not sure who would listen to a podcast about Texas civil appellate practice. Until I can figure that out, appearing on others’ shows will have to do. 

My latest guest appearance was on Law Firm Autopilot, a podcast hosted by my friend and business coach, Ernie Svenson—widely known as “Ernie the Attorney.” After a successful career as a big-firm commercial litigator,  Ernie went solo and leveraged technology to make life better for himself and his clients. For the past several years, Ernie has focused exclusively on helping solo and small-firm lawyers build efficient and profitable practices that maximize their freedom and allow them to have lives outside work.

In Episode 74 of Ernie’s podcast, we discuss how I went from big-firm lawyer to sole practitioner and how my firm has evolved over the years. We also talk about the challenges solos and small firms face, the role technology plays in my practice, and how I’m moving away from hourly billing toward flat-fee and other alternative structures.

The episode is available for download in iTunes or through Ernie’s website, which I encourage you to explore. Ernie is a wonderful resource for solo and small-firm practitioners, and his approach is very unassuming and practical. What you see is what you get.

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