The foundation of any appellate practice is the experience and ability to handle matters as first-chair counsel in appellate courts. SN represents plaintiffs and defendants in all phases of civil appeals and original proceedings, providing a turnkey solution to clients and referring lawyers facing appellate review.

Analyzing the prospects for successfully challenging a trial court’s ruling is a common first step in the firm’s engagement. This threshold analysis often allows us to identify procedural or evidentiary hurdles that the case must clear, thus informing the client’s decision whether to commit the additional resources necessary to see the appellate process through conclusion.

Holding on to a favorable trial-court ruling presents a unique set of challenges. Large money judgments, other high stakes, or difficult legal issues warrant hiring appellate counsel capable of holding the opposing party to its burdens and emphasizing the reasons why the lower court’s decision should not be disturbed.

Once retained to prosecute or defend a matter in an appellate court, SN works with trial counsel to ensure a smooth transition. We monitor or oversee preparation of the record, review and analyze the record with respect to the legal issues presented, research and prepare briefs advocating the client’s interests, and present oral argument as the court deems appropriate. As former judicial clerks, our lawyers know the appellate process, the players, and what it takes to succeed.