SN provides a full array of consulting services to arm trial counsel with knowledge of the legal issues that can help mold pre-trial and trial strategy, prevent case-ending missteps, leverage a favorable settlement, and maximize the prospects for a successful outcome.

Pre-Trial Consulting

With increasing frequency, SN is retained to assist in formulating and structuring legal theories to support or defend against significant claims. Serving in this role allows busy trial lawyers to focus on developing the facts while we analyze and refine the legal issues. Under this structure, we either work in the background or serve as co-counsel of record, creating a lean yet formidable trial team.

Jury Charges

SN lawyers are skilled at crafting jury questions and instructions to help obtain the most favorable jury charge possible. We also handle formal charge conferences and objections, freeing trial counsel to focus on their closing arguments at this critical phase of the case. When retained early, we help shape the evidence and legal theories to fit the charge ultimately given, maximizing the client’s chances of obtaining a favorable verdict that will withstand appellate review.

Post-Trial Motions

Non-evidentiary appellate issues are generally limited to errors preserved at the charge conference or in a motion for new trial, motion to disregard adverse jury findings, or motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict. Aside from preserving error, such motions represent the final opportunity to persuade the trial court that the jury reached the wrong result. When representing the party who lost at trial, SN prepares post-trial motions designed to change the outcome when possible and, if that effort is unsuccessful, to put the client in the best position for appeal.