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Litigation Consulting and Support

Litigation can be a daunting and pressure-packed experience for even the most seasoned trial lawyer. Having experienced attorneys to help identify, manage, and present crucial legal issues can be the difference between victory and defeat in the courtroom. Smith Law Group provides a full array of litigation support services to help trial counsel set the case up for success at every stage.

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From pre-trial consulting to post-trial motions, Smith Law Group attorneys work with trial counsel to prevent procedural errors and maximize the prospects for a successful outcome.

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Pre-trial Consulting

Formulating and structuring legal theories to support a claim is extremely important before entering the courtroom. However, it’s only half the battle in litigation. Attorneys at Smith Law Group work with trial teams to construct solid legal theories, allowing busy trial lawyers to focus on developing the facts of the case. Having the ability to work these two crucial aspects of litigation congruently provides a solid structure that maximizes time management, decreases the possibility of procedural errors, and ensures the best approach going into trial. Our attorneys work with you to create a lean and formidable trial team.

Jury Charges

In addition to pre-trial consulting, Smith Law Group attorneys use their knowledge and experience to help navigate the trial process, including crafting jury questions and instructions to guide discovery and set up a favorable outcome. Smith Law Group will also handle formal charge conferences and objections, allowing trial counsel to focus their attention on the closing argument phase of the trial. Smith Law Group attorneys help shape the evidence and legal theories of the case in the pre-trial phase, then mold these theories to fit the charge. Together, these two phases of litigation maximize the client’s chances of obtaining a favorable verdict that will withstand appellate review.

Post-trial Motions

Once the trial has reached a conclusion, one or both sides may file motions relating to appeal. The winning party will want to turn a favorable verdict into an enforceable court judgment that will stand up to appellate review. The losing party will want to minimize the damage and preserve their appellate options.

Non-evidentiary appellate issues are generally limited to errors that were preserved at the initial charge conference or in post-trial motions such as a motion for new trial, motion to disregard adverse jury findings or motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict. These motions represent the final opportunity to persuade the trial court that the jury reached the wrong result, and are extremely important in the post-trial process. Smith Law Group appellate attorneys have extensive experience with post-trial matters and can help expertly navigate this process.

When advising a party that lost at trial, Smith Law Group will prepare post-trial motions that are designed to change the outcome of the case, put the best argument forward, and ensure that all procedural requirements are met. If a post-trial motion is unsuccessful, Smith Law Group will then switch to appeal mode and work with the client to put them in the best possible position to appeal an unfavorable judgment.

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