Smith Law Group’s New Firm Website Goes Live

By August 30, 2013March 8th, 2019Announcements, Press Releases

Smith Law Group, P.C., a Texas appellate law firm with offices in Austin and the Rio Grande Valley, has announced the release of its new website. The site’s URL is

SLG founder D. Todd Smith, a civil appellate practitioner and veteran of an AmLaw 100 firm, said the site flowed naturally from SLG’s expansion in recent years, as well as developments in how lawyers communicate with the public. “When I started the firm in 2006, I had no associates or staff and didn’t have much use for a traditional website as they existed at the time,” Smith explained. Instead, Smith relied on what was then a new platform—a blog—to promote his practice. Smith continues to publish that site—known as the Texas Appellate Law Blog—which was the first of its kind to focus on Texas appellate matters.

SLG has since added two attorneys (Brandy Wingate Voss and Maitreya Tomlinson) and two administrative staff. All three of the firm’s lawyers completed Texas Supreme Court clerkships and served as editor-in-chief of their schools’ respective law reviews. “We are appellate lawyers both by nature and by design,” Smith noted. “And while the blog remains a good vehicle for my personal marketing, the new SLG website showcases the depth and breadth of our team and reinforces our firm brand.”

Both Smith’s blog and the new SLG website were built by LexBlog, a Seattle-based company that helps lawyers implement blogs and social media as business development tools, amplify their networking efforts, and expand their influence across the internet. “With LexBlog’s help, we designed the new site to serve as a hub for the firm’s online communications,” Smith said. “Anyone visiting the home page will quickly get a sense of who we are, what we do, and how they can further explore our practice.”

The site’s home page features the latest entry from SLG’s Twitter account, flanked by links to recent Texas Appellate Law Blog posts and entries from a “News & Updates” page. “I have never been comfortable posting accolades or information about our own cases on the blog,” Smith stated, “and the News & Updates feature gives us a place to do that appropriately.” Anyone interested may subscribe to the News & Updates page via RSS or email. The new site also features links to SLG’s social media accounts, biographical information about all SLG attorneys and staff, a list of matters highlighting the firm’s experience, and a resource page containing articles and presentations from SLG lawyers.

“A lot of work went into producing the new website, and I’m very proud of how it turned out,” Smith added. “I think the site captures the firm’s personality and reveals our our passion for practicing appellate law.”