Supreme Court Orders & Opinions 2/23/07

By February 23, 2007March 8th, 2019Jurisdiction, Supreme Court Orders

The Supreme Court of Texas issued three per curiam opinions with today’s orders:

In Hood v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the Court held that the court of appeals erred by dismissing the appeal without providing an opportunity to cure when the plaintiff filed an indigence affidavit within the time the appeals court gave him to pay the filing fee or face dismissal.

In In re Bank One, N.A., the Court held that an arbitration clause incorporated by reference on a bank signature card was enforceable and that the bank did not waive its right to arbitrate by moving to set aside a default judgment and seeking a new trial.

In City of Houston v. Williams, the Court rejected a declaratory judgment action complaining about deductions from payments retired firefighters received upon termination as a claim for money damages for which governmental immunity had not been waived.

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