Talking Legal Tech on New Solo

By September 5, 2017 March 8th, 2019 Appellate Practice, Technology

Anyone familiar with me as a lawyer knows I have a penchant for legal technology. It’s a regular topic of discussion around here, particularly as it relates to modern-day appellate practice. I’m always looking for ways to implement legal tech and related tools to make things run more smoothly and efficiently in my firm and provide better service to our clients.

One good way to learn about legal tech is to listen to podcasts focusing on the topic. The Legal Talk Network has several good ones. I’ve long been a fan of The Kennedy-Mighell Report and The Digital Edge, to name a couple you may have heard about.

Another very informative Legal Talk Network program is New Solo, hosted by Florida-based legal technologist Adriana Linares. Adriana has some serious tech cred—she chaired the mother of all legal tech conferences, ABA Techshow, earlier this year and has had her own legal tech consulting firm for more than a decade. In addition to technology, New Solo covers topics such as transitioning from a firm to solo practice, business development, practice management, and networking. Though geared to the solo perspective, the show is a great resource for any lawyer in a small-firm environment.

I met Adriana earlier this year and couldn’t have been happier that she invited me to appear on the show. True to form, we discussed several different topics and tools that I use in my practice, including:

You can listen to my interview by clicking on the image above or by visiting the New Solo website. If you’re thinking about making the jump to solo practice or just want to learn more about legal technology, I encourage you to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or through your favorite podcast app.