Texas Appellate Courts Get a Major Website Upgrade

If you’ve received CaseMail updates this week, you’ve likely noticed something new when clicking on the link embedded in your notification emails. Last Friday, the Texas appellate courts got a major online upgrade with the launch of the new and improved txcourts.gov site.

The new site is very user-friendly and much more pleasing to the eye than the old one (courts.state.tx.us). It features drop-down menus and many functions common to modern web design, including a timeline for @txcourts on Twitter. And for those on the move, a well designed mobile version is available on handheld devices.

Content-wise, the user can easily access information about all Texas state courts, specific appellate courts and matters, procedural rules, e-filing, and a host of statistical and other resources. Users of the old site will be able to quickly locate the key information they’re used to accessing, such as online dockets, documents, and submission calendars. After navigating around a bit, I think appellate practitioners and other visitors will be pleased with the change.

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