“The days are long, but the years are short.”

You often hear this quote in the parenting context. An experienced parent usually imparts this bit of wisdom when a newer parent complains about exhaustion from caring for their kids.

The quote might sound a bit cliché, but as my sons close in on adulthood, I can attest to its truth. And this aphorism applies in plenty of other contexts, including law firm life. You get busy in the day-to-day, and before you realize it, years have passed like nothing at all.

Here we are, staring 2020 in the face. How is that possible? The days are long, but yes, the years are short.

For most of us, the calendar year has wound down at a frantic pace, with holiday parties, gift-buying and exchanges, and travel. Hopefully, we’ve been able to spend some time with family and enjoy a break from work.

When January 1 hits in a couple of days, we’ll start all over again. We’ll work toward new goals or recommit ourselves to old ones we didn’t quite accomplish last year. We’ll promise ourselves to eat better and exercise more. But old habits die hard. Making changes in the new year (or anytime, really) requires serious commitment and discipline. If that’s the path you’re on, I’m right there with you.

A new year means new opportunities. So make those resolutions, write down those goals, and set yourself on the right path. Then find some good in each day, even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned. The calendar will come back around before we know it.

A version of this post appeared in the December/January issue of Austin Lawyer.

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